Saturday, April 14, 2007

A sweater is born

No time to chat, but a few photos of the latest bit of knitted comfort (please excuse the self-portrait charm of these puppies). I present: the oft-resented, now loved new sweater.

Project Specs: Under the Hoodie (Stitch n' Bitch )
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted Merino in Geranio, Lettuce, and Cuarzo
Amount: 6 hanks of Geranio, 1 of Lettuce, and 1 of Cuarzo
Left over: enough to make about three hats worth (one in each colour)
Needles: US 7 straight and US 9 circ
Size: Small (36") to fit a 36" bust
Started: November 2005
Completed: April 2007
Modifications: I added some length to the body and sleeves. The rest follows the pattern pretty closely.

After a few wears, this sweater has proven to be a cosy (read: warm and distractingly soft) spring chill chaser. I was a little unsure about the colours at first, but now that it's finished I find them cheery and not at all overwhelming as I initially feared (I expect that the amount of excess fuchsia dye that bled from the MC is to blame for that concern). I'll admit that while tackling this project, I also had reservations about Malabrigo's tendency to pill. They remain unfounded since the sweater is holding up much better than expected (perhaps it's the tight gauge).

Time to throw myself back into the isolation cave (a.k.a. my apartment), where I will lead a sheltered and knit-free existence until I survive my first set of exams.


Liz said...

That looks like the perfect sweater to curl up in while studying. It's gorgeous! Good luck on your exams.

Allegra said...

Love the sweater! Great color combo!

soCherry said...

I love it! I made this too recently - picking up the pocket nearly made me weep, but I love this hoodie so. Wish I had made it longer tho!

Well done
Elaine x