Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All things pink

Last Friday I decided to take some much needed time off from studying to attend the Yarn Harlot's Canadian book launch. In the sheer excitement of it all I completely forgot to take any pictures. Luckily, others were in better control of their faculties. The event was amazing! It was so nice to finally hear one of Stephanie's talks after having watched her blog about them these last few years.
While there, I did manage to finish the first of the Central Air socks (despite the clear ineptitude at simultaneously juggling a camera, knitting, and being awestruck by the knitter invasion). The photographic evidence of which is being held hostage by the camera until I can find it's friend, the USB cable. In the meantime, I've decided to distract you with the above. Better known as the fruits of my foray into the April/May Project Spectrum colour triad.
In making this collage, it became clear how pink-heavy things have been over here these past two months. I seem to collect yarn in colour waves. For a few months I'll find myself buying all pink yarns, then I'll move to all green or all blue yarns for a while. Most of the yarns that I've been mentioning lately came from a bit of a pink "slip and fall" I had last summer. It seems that the attraction to different colours at different times often mirrors my moods. It's an interesting way to be able to reflect and immortalize (through yarn) my differing emotional state.

Now that the first of my licencing examinations has passed, there's been a wicked case of startitis that has been spreading through the stash. There are about five active projects on the needles, all of which were started in the last month or so. Socks, tank tops, sweaters, and a burning desire to cast on for about 20 more. I'll introduce you to those once negotiations with the camera get underway.

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Nicole said...

I love the colors in that colage! So it's mostly pink... they're still nice!