Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Smiles all around

First off, thank you for the wonderful comments on my last post. I sometimes find myself getting caught up in the product side of knitting instead of appreciating the process side that I really love. Your comments really helped remind me of that.

Secondly, something wonderful happened.

Mystery Stole

I finished the Swan Lake Stole (a.k.a Mystery Stole 3).

I love how the feathers photographed in this blocking picture. It's so amazing that the different directions of the stitches cause the yarn to look darker on one half of the feather than on the other.

Mystery Stole

Cast off last Monday. Blocked last Tuesday. Admired last Wednesday and photographed...well, photographed many days later. The shorter daylight hours and my longer work hours have combined to make it nearly impossible to get a good picture in natural light.

Finished Mystery Stole 3: Swan Lake

Pink Lemon Twist's Mystery Stole 3: Swan Lake
Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk in Pewter
Amount: 1.2 skeins
Left over: about 504 yards
Size: Long version
Started: July 2007
Finished: October 23, 2007

As predicted, I'm loving the extra repeats of Clue 4 in the long version of the stole. The extra length has made the stole more versatile and has moved the transition point between the stole and the wing to my arm which seems more natural to me.

Finally one out of five goals accomplished for this month. If I'm lucky I might even squeeze out one more tonight or tomorrow.


Nicole said...

Wheeee! It's lovely! Looks great on you, too. Hopefully I'll have mine finished soon, too! (Though I still have another half to go...)

Kristina B said...

I'm chewing my arm off in jealousy right now.

That looks absolutely fantastic! You are clearly the prime lace knitter par excellence! ;-)

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. It was fun looking for goofy photos of Harper et al, actually.

Sian said...

This is so beautiful, well done :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work!

Long Haired Spider said...

Whoa--that's so beautiful!