Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer of Craft's been a while. Despite my prolonged absence, I haven't fogotten about you. I'm still lurking on all of your blogs.

The past nine months have been a whirlwind. Between travelling, being unemployed and having to get settled at two different offices in the span of two months things have been off-kilter so to speak.

Now with that all behind me, I thought it might be fun to set some summer priorities.

The sheer number of crafty pursuits I have taken on have effectively rendered my limited hobby time completly unproductive as I flit about between this project and that. As a result, I decided to tackle one project from each type of craft to help focus my efforts.

Quilting: Finish the string quilt I started last month
Sewing: Make throw pillows for living room
Weaving: Finish Seacoast Scarf
Spinning: Spin Green Seacell fibre
Knitting: Finish Gothic Pink Window Bohus Hat
Embroidery: Finish stitching the Christmas scene

I will provide detailed introductions to all of these projects over the coming weeks.

If I manage to finish all of these projects before the Labour Day long-weekend, I will reward myself with a couple of gorgeous Bohus kits I've had my eye on the past few months. As incentive to you, dear reader, to heckle me on in my efforts, I will reward you with my first ever contest.

Enjoy your weekend!

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