Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Surprise, surprise the blob is growing. One (and a bit) more chart done, and another one and (just under) a half repeats to go before I can move on to chart two.

As I'm sure you know, I love, love, love the colours in this yarn. The above colours are not entirely true. In actuality the colour shifts are a little more subtle since the lighter tones are richer than I can capture with the camera.

Every now and then as things start to pool here and there, I start to worry that once everything has been blocked the colours will fight against the lace pattern too much and obscure the elegant details of Miriam's beautiful design. Any thoughts?

Although it's been all Icarus all the time over here for the last week or so, I haven't yet turned into a project monogamist. Meet my Lucy in the Sky Cardigan. I started this beaut waaay back in early March. After some minor gauge issues, I decided that it was best to shove this on the backburner until the exam chaos had passed.

I really haven't touched this project at all since then, and am very much looking forward to something other than lace after I write on Thursday.

And lastly, here's a requisite photo of the pooch who is infatuated with his new toy. It has these octopus-type tails on it that he loves to shake by tossing his head around so that they slap him in the face. It amuses me to no end.


Sian said...

Just wanted to say thanks again for the help on Icarus, your advice was very clear and yes, I had been working only one half of the chart...duh...
Anyway, all sorted now. Good luck with the exams, I'm sure you'll fly them.

Nicole said...

Love the color on the Lucy cardigan! I can't wait to see how the pattern evolves on that one.

And your Icarus is lovely. No pooling woes, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Colour me floored at how fast your Icarus is growing. Wow. It looks great.