Friday, June 01, 2007

Icarus, meet world

Many weeks ago I became obsessed with some HandMaiden Lace Silk in the Bronze colourway while at the Downtown Knit Collective's Knitter's Frolic here in Toronto. As previously mentioned, I try minimize the small apartment clutter by not buying yarn just because it makes me a little weak in the knees.

The natural coping mechanism that has evolved out of this self-imposed limit has been to create loose justifications for my purchases. Since I had to make something with this yarn (especially since this colourway has been on the radar for the last year or so) I tried to come up with a lace weight pattern that might work well with a variegated yarn.

Enter Icarus, a pattern that I always loved but never thought I'd actually make, not being the shawl type and all (if there is such a thing). In case I still wasn't convinces, there just happened to be a copy of the Summer '06 Interweave mag to my immediate left in which to check the yarn requirements. Suffice to say I caved. But really, can you blame me? Just look at this yarn...

I tried to ignore its silky goodness for about two weeks while I worked to get a few projects off the needles. Eventually I broke and wound it into a ball, just to take the edge off a little.

After a day or so I decided to knit a few rows to see how it would work up. Just an innocent little swatch. Luckily before the whole thing could devolve into a full blown obsession, I took up residence in a nearby library while studying for my bar admissions exams (creating some much needed distance from the whole thing.)

I can hardly put it down since making through the first pattern repeat yesterday. Expect that this lovely will progress quickly.

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