Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chain reaction

Here we have...a finished Icarus blocking on the bed (better photos to come this weekend). I bought some blocking wires for the occasion. Although they were a little awkward at first (sticky wet silk and all), they ended up doing a fantastic job of the shawl.

See what I mean. Look at this edging! I'm obsessed. Icarus has definitely exceeded my expectations. I love when that happens. The colour in this picture is more accurate than in the previous one.

And here's what's been keeping me from progressing on MS3 (still only about 2 rows into the third clue). Meet my very first toe-up sock. It's Ann Budd's on-you-toes sock from the summer Interweave. I have no idea what possessed me to start this little guy. I just reached into the stash Friday morning on my way to work, found some Jitterbug and threw the mag into my bag for the commute.

That tricky European cast-on took me more than a few tries, but it was worth in the end. I made a few changes to it, namely I alternated right and left leaning M1s to keep things symmetrical and got rid of the first knit round on the toe since I felt it looked too pointy. Here's where things were Friday evening.

And Saturday afternoon.

Sunday evening.

And lastly, a sad, neglected MS3 just before I finished off the second clue. I've just picked it up again, so hopefully I'll make it through Clue 3 sometime next week. I love the mystery thing but I'm still not sure how I feel about the summer-long project monogamy that comes with it.

I also made my way back to the wheel this weekend, hopefully by the end of next week I'll finally finish the seaside singles I've been working on so I can start plying. Fine spinning is fun but slow...


Nicole said...

"Neglected" MS3 and you're on Clue #2? Try mine - I haven't finished Clue #1 yet! (Nor have I finished Icarus. Humph.) I just have too much else going on in my life right now, and am feeling super-guilty about that baby blanket I'm knitting for a friend. (Won't be done by the shower on SATURDAY (eep!) but oh well.)

Anyway, Icarus looks great! And the sock looks like a bunch of fun.

But project monogamy? Who says that the Mystery Stole means project monogamy? :)

Linz said...

Amanda, your Icarus is SOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!

What yarn did you use? It's gorgeous!

Alliesw said...

Wow! That shawl is amazing--I admire both your incredible skill and your patience! (and great photos too!)