Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Catching Up

Way, way, waaaaay back (nearly a month ago now), I managed to finish the Superbowl Baby Sweater (a.k.a. the Tulip Baby Cardi). After weeks of blog neglect, this darling little number completely fell off the radar. It has only now come to light due to my continued failure at any sort of camera use and a general lull in knitting progress, symptomatic of a potentially finished Lucy Cardi hoping to make its final blog appearance next week.

I bought a kit for this sweater from Lettuce Knit last May. With four good friends expecting over the next five months it seemed like a good time to finally knit it up.
Tulip Baby Caridgan

The Dream in Color yarn was wonderful to knit with. The subtle variations in colour create a beautiful overall effect. The yarn grew a little after hitting a sink of warm soapy water, as expected when dealing with superwash. The sleeves look like they may end up being a little long (based on my limited knowledge of infant proportions) but the striping pattern was too beautiful to interrupt.

Tulip Baby Caridgan

The marriage of colour and texture is wonderful in this project. The seed stitch used for the edging and between stripes complements the different values in the yarn beautifully. Even the inside is gorgeous.

Tulip Baby Caridgan

Although I loved every minute of this project, I am more than a little relieved that the dozens and dozens of ends have finally been woven in. Luckily I still have a few months left over before I have to tackle the matching hat with all the leftovers.


Nicole said...

The sweater looks awesome! Very nicely done. Though I would hate weaving in the ends!

Sian said...

Weaving in ends is the worst. It often puts me off finishing a project. But it is so worth it when the end result is as beautiful as that little snuggly :)

alana said...

I never get tired of seeing these sweaters! I have got to get that kit, just to hang onto until the next friend announces she's expecting (which is never long these days).

Emily said...

Gorgeous! Really nice work.

Anonymous said...
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