Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have to say, there is no knitting like vacation knitting.
The hill

Last weekend the significant other and I fled the city in search of a hill or two for some much needed R&R. Being a girl who grew up in Québec amongst some of the finest ski conditions in Eastern-ish Canada, I wasn't expecting much from the Torontonian take on a classic ski resort. It was cliché, it was overpriced, it was gorgeous, and we had a blast.

As a preamble to this little detour on the way to a knitting update, it's been about 6 years since my snowboard has touched snow. Scary, I know.

The fear

Turns out that aside from having to overcome the fear of serious injury that has finally managed to permeate my older and wiser brain since my teenage years, a few runs and it's all old hat again. This picture makes me look way more in control than I felt at the time.

The board

While nursing the inevitable delayed onset muscle soreness I managed to make notable progress on my Central Park Hoodie sleeves. Although this is a never-before-posted picture of the first sleeve I finished knitting at the beginning of March, it looks very much like the second sleeve that is now more than halfway through so let's pretend it's that.

Central Park Hoodie

I have some serious love for the Oceanwind Knits yarn I'm using for this sweater. The cables are really showing up nicely.

Central Park Hoodie

I also managed to finish the first of the ice cream socks from December days past. Sadly, there are also no up-to-date photos of those just yet something to be rectified shortly. I know, I know. Bad knitter!

Why all the dated/missing photos you ask? Well when not knitting, or careening down a vertical incline, I spent much of my time doing this.

The wine

Vive les vacances!


Nicole said...

Oooh! Looks like you guys had a blast! Nice decision, to take a vacation. I'm waiting for summer for mine, though I do have some nice ideas in the planning stages.

The sleeve looks great, and I love the yarn too! Yummy. Love the color.

Sian said...

That looks like fun. The snowboarding and knitting both :)